Culligan Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Water Softeners

Culligan's reverse osmosis systems are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications to significantly reduce levels of dissolved minerals, particles, organics and silica in water. Whether used in a small restaurant for drinking water or a large industrial plating facility for rinse water, Culligan manufactures systems to fit the needs of a multitude of businesses and applications.

In reverse osmosis, water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure, removing unwanted dissolved solids. This process eliminates up to 95% of dissolved minerals, particles and organics from your water, giving you pure water for anything from making beverages to printing. From 100 gallons per day (.07 gpm) to 144,000 gallons per day (100 gpm), Culligan has an RO system to meet your needs. Culligan also offers specially engineered reverse osmosis systems for use on your commercial/industrial needs

Culligan reverse osmosis systems provide high-purity water solutions that lower costs, increase efficiencies and help drive profitability by:

  • Reducing energy and water usage

  • Reducing discharge and waste treatment expenses

  • Metal recovery from finishing operations

  • Improving customer experiences through high quality beverages

  • Spot-free rinse water for vehicle washing, manufacturing and metal finishing/parts washing

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