Culligan Commercial Water Softeners

Advanced electronic options are available on many of our water treatment systems including:

Commercial Water Softeners

Culligan's water softening product line is the best in the industry. Culligan offers the most complete water-softening product line with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

Through an ion exchange process, water softeners remove harsh calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese ions from your water supply. In the end, you can run your business more effectively--using less detergent, reducing hard-water build-up and saving your equipment from unnecessary wear.

From doing laundry to manufacturing, our softening systems give you the quality water you need to take care of business. Culligan services what we sell and more! With over 100 years of combined experience, our servicemen and installers are able to service all makes and models.

Culligan's state-of-the-art GBE Electronic Controller adds new levels of control to softener and filtration systems. Features available with the GBE Controller include:

PROGRESSIVE FLOW - The GBE controller uses Culligan's patented progressive flow feature in multiple tank systems to bring additional units online or take them offline based on flow rate. This allows for smaller system sizing.

AQUA-SENSOR® - Also available is Culligan's patented digital Aqua-Sensor® technology which signals for regeneration based on the bed exhaustion. This can contribute to additional salt savings.

BRINE RECLAIM - The combination of Culligan's patented GBE Electronic Controller and our Brine Reclaim System creates huge operating efficiencies. With a simple upgrade to the Culligan® Brine Reclaim System, your salt consumption can be reduced by 25% or more.

TELEMETRY - When using the option modem and the telemetry service, your system can call in after every regeneration and report operating parameters and status. Additionally, the unit can notify your Culligan dealer and your plant operator if your equipment needs attention.

REMOTE DISPLAY - An optional remote display is available which allows for monitoring of system status from up to 200 feet away.

UPGRADES - You can even upgrade existing systems to Culligan's GBE controller

Product Applications & Benefits include:

  • Restaurants - No more de-scaling dishwashers, silverware will be shinny

  • Motels/Hotels - Longer lasting linens, use 50% less detergents

  • Coffee Houses - Premium Beverages

  • Manufacturing - Efficient Productions with less down time

  • Laboratories - High quality water: 1 meg - 16 meg ohm water

  • Hospitals - De-mineralized water suitable for Autoclave Sterilizers

  • Office Buildings/Apartment Buildings

Product Features:

  • One-Piece Valve Body – eliminates extra seals reducing leaks

  • Full-Flow Ports – ensures easy water flow

  • Top-Mount & Side-mount Control Valves – keeps plumbing connections simple

  • Electronic Controls – fully programmable

  • Choice of Tanks – FRP, rugged steel or ASME code steel

  • Seismic Ready – bolt-down legs complying with Zone 4 requirements

  • Other Options – Aqua-Sensor® & meter-initiated regeneration




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