Common Water Problems & Solutions

Get the lead out as well as 99% of all other contaminants.

What problems are in your water? At Culligan, treating problem water is our specialty. After a FREE "in home" water analysis of your home water supply, your Culligan man can recommend the appropriate water treatment equipment to meet your needs.

Listed below are some of the most common problems associated with household water. They can all be reduced with our line of Culligan equipment

Water Softeners Iron Cleer

Water Softeners

  • Reduces damaging scale buildup in your water heaters, boilers, fixtures and appliances throughout your entire house
  • Brighter, whiter and softer bed linens and clothing
  • Cleaner dishes, flatware, glassware, and fixtures

Problem Water Filters

  • No more Iron/brown Stains On Your Fixtures

  • Stops the "rotten egg odor"

  • Eliminates Acid Blue/Green Staining

Bacteria Removal

Bacteria Removal Systems

  • Eliminates Coli form Bacteria

  • Energy Efficient


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